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Family Demands Justice After BIA Killing at Standing Rock

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Ryan White Mountain-Soft was shot and killed by a Bureau of Indian Affairs police officer on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation on Sunday, March 14. A professional boxer and MMA fighter, White Mountain-Soft was 30 years old. The Officer entered the home of White Mountain-Soft's mother, Debra White Mountain, without a warrant or announcing themselves, and shot White Mountain-Soft in front of his mother and brothers. The FBI is not allowing the release of any information to the public, citing an investigation into the killing.

On March 24th, M4JN traveled with Gabriel Black Elk and Tonia Black Elk with Native Lives Matter to Standing Rock. Debra White Mountain gave a chilling, raw interview our documenter was able to capture on video. She fears that her son's killing will be covered up and there will be no consequences for the officer. The family bear witness to a long-entrenched pattern of BIA abuse of Standing Rock tribal citizens.

CORRECTION: When this video interview was originally posted, it included a written summary of Debra White Mountain’s allegations about BIA involvement in Ryan White Mountain Soft’s death, including the name of the officer that Debra White Mountain alleges was involved. Since publication, Move For Justice News has been in communication with that officer and their counsel. The officer in question alleges that they were no longer employed by the BIA and at home with family on the night of the incident. Move For Justice News has found information that supports the individual’s statement that they were no longer a BIA officer when Ryan White Mountain Soft was killed. The name of the shooter has not been corroborated by official reports while the FBI continues its investigation and is redacted in all materials. The name of the officer in question has been removed from the text of this post. Allegations made in this interview are solely the product of the person stating them. We will continue to investigate this story.

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